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21 February 2008 @ 08:01 am
Capricon, Eclipse, House Filk, Etc.  
Got back from Capricon last Sunday afternoon. Stayed over at janmagic's place as I have the last few years and had a great time visiting with her as usual. On the way home, we stopped by  chaoticgoodchic's house to drop off her birthday card. Didn't see her at the con, so I guess she's busy with work right now. I was feeling subdued and generally lacking in energy for most of the con. I filked Friday night but got dragged off to room parties Saturday night and didn't get  back to the filk until half an hour before everything shut down. I haven't had much chance to practice lately so I didn't have any new songs worked up. I wanted to get to some of the hard science panels but never managed it.  However, I did manage to pick up some of the NASA handouts that were available. Also got a very nice framed space-scape from the art show  that I thought was one of the two or three best pieces in the show for two dollars over the minimum bid! Sometimes you just get lucky! Probably my favorite thing about this year's Capricon were the conversations and socializing with interesting, intelligent people, and good friends.

My friend Todd took me out in his SUV last night to watch the Lunar eclipse. Although the weather was very cold, the skies were  clear and cloudless, giving perfect viewing conditions. The color of the Moon at totality was quite eerie, kind of a dull yellow-orange. After totality, the edge of the Earth's shadow was clearly visible on the Moon.  All in all, a show very well worth a little discomfort.

  ithiriel and I are supposed to host a house filk at our place this Saturday, Feb. 23rd but since she's not feeling that good right now, I'm wondering how we are going to be ready in time. We'll manage it somehow. On top of that, it's colder than a brass toilet seat on the shady side of an iceberg and there is a not so small glacier running down my back alley past my garage. We have gotten more snow this season than I can remember in quite a few years. I am going to be SO glad when this winter is over!!!
Current Mood: coldcold